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Trigger Coffee Worker Performance

Civet coffee
A new survey shows nurses and doctors - compared with other professions - is highly dependent on coffee drinks to do their best on the job.

But health professionals are not alone. The researchers found 43% of coffee drinkers said they were less productive if they do not drink coffee at work. And about a third of workers say they need coffee just to get through the work day.

"Workers today are working longer hours and carry a heavier workload," said Richard Castellini, chief marketing officer at CareerBuilder, which commissioned the survey, along with Dunkin 'Donuts, in a news release. "This survey shows have extra energy boost in the morning and throughout the day to help the level of productivity."

Luwak coffee packaging
National survey, conducted by Harris Interactive, including more than 3,600 workers and assess the profession with the highest proportion of workers who say they are less productive without coffee.
Most Professional Depending on Coffee.

The results showed that the profession's most dependent on coffee are:
1. Nurse
2. Doctor
3. Hotel workers
4. Designer / architect
5. Financial Services / Insurance sales representative
6. Food Makers
7. Engineers
8. Teacher
9. Marketing / PR professional
10. Scientists
11. Machine Operator
12. Government Workers

The researchers found workers in the Northeast are the most dependent on coffee, with 48% saying they are less productive without it than with a low 34% of workers in the Midwest who said the same thing.

Other findings from this survey include:
Younger workers more dependent on coffee. Forty percent of those aged 18 to 24 said they could not concentrate and with no coffee and 43% aged 18 to 34 say they have a lower energy if they do not get the daily jolt of java.

One cup of coffee is not enough. Thirty-seven percent of workers said they drank two or more cups of coffee during their normal working day.

LUWAKKU Civet coffee just for you who have high taste. Luwak coffee is produced naturally in the area Lintong, North Sumatra and produce high-quality Luwak coffee.

Minggu, 16 Mei 2010

Tastes of Indonesia - KOPI LUWAK

An epicure coffee processed by the Asian Palm Civet, Paradoxurus hermaphroditus

Coffee Luwak is considered one of the finest coffees available. The majority of commercial Indonesian Kopi Luwak (civet
coffee) is from Java and Sumatra or Sulawesi, and made from Robusta beans; Tastes of Indonesia sources its Kopi Luwak
exclusively from the high quality Arabica plantations and is therefore considered to be of superior quality to other varieties.

Bali Orchid Garden is the sole supplier of Tastes of Indonesia Kopi Luwak.

Beans can be purchased in small or wholesale quantities at competitive prices. Ground Tastes of Indonesia Kopi Luwak
is sold at the gardens and selected outlets in sealed 10gm and 50gm gift packs. Larger packaging is available to order from
Bali Gardens and through info@baliorchidgarden.biz.
Read about Kopi Luwak in
What is Coffee Luwak, why is it so special and how is it made?

The Asian Palm civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus) is responsible for the effects of this unique coffee.
Related to the cat but belonging to the viverridae family, the same as the mongoose, it has a weasel-like face, cat-like body
and long tail with fur which may be either gray or brown with various darker markings.

The Asian Palm civet of Indonesia is a musky grey-toned colour with darker stripes.

Beneath the tail of both sexes is a gland from which a fatty secretion is emitted to mark its
territory. This substance is collected to be used as a perfume fixative, main supplies coming
from the Indian civet (v. zibetha).

The omnivorous, tree-climbing civet cat prowls the coffee plantations at night picking and
consuming the finest and best ripe coffee cherries. These pass through the civet and are
collected in the droppings. Beans emerge without their fleshy coating, but entire and appear
undigested. They are extracted by washing and carefully cleansed before being processed.

It had long been considered as a legend that the civet (Luwak) consumed the best coffee beans which then passed through
their gut undigested, even entire with their cherry-like coating, the beans being washed and processed in the normal fashion
to make this highly selected top grade coffee. Some thought that the actual situation was that the best beans were selected
according to the type civets would eat, and these processed without having actually been eaten by the civet cats.

Recently a researcher, Marcone, working with the African civet (Civettictis civetta) and later with the Indonesian civets, has
suggested the beans are slightly digested during their passage, to the extent that an enzyme process has broken down
some of the proteins allowing them to leach out, resulting in a less bitter coffee. Speculation is that a lactic acid
fermentation may be a factor, however any attempts at trying to mimic the process have so far failed.

German article on Kopi Luwak


Tastes of Indonesia

Try this unique coffee from
the jungles of Bali Indonesia,
exclusive to

Bali Orchid Garden

Purchase from

Coffee Luwak is a rich,
smooth coffee with an
earthy, syrupy texture & a
hint of chocolate
In areas of Java and Bali where civet cats roam, the Kopi Luwak is made in villages from these Arabica coffee beans.
The raw and cleaned beans are placed in a large stone mortar (lesung), pounded with a large wooden pole to loosen beans
from their covering shells and then winnowed by hand in a flat basket like tray to separate the beans. Beans are then
carefully hand-picked to remove any that are damaged, roasted in special local ovens and ground as required.

Tastes of Indonesia Kopi Luwak is produced according to village methods from the best hand-selected whole Arabica beans.
Our staff demonstrate the method of processing:
Pounding the clean
beans to loosen shells
Winnowing to separate
shells form beans
Roasting the beans
The raw product
Bali Orchid Garden has local Indonesian suppliers and guarantees the
purest, genuine Kopi Luwak available. Made from the finest arabica beans
from the coffee plantations of Indonesia, Taste of Indonesia Kopi Luwak has
a smooth unique flavour of true epicure coffee.

Packets of beans and ground coffee can be purchased for a fraction of the
overseas price.
In USA prices can reach $1000/kg

Enquiries for retail and wholesale supplies welcome.

We invite you to visit our gardens to see and taste our product first hand.
Processed coffee beans
How to make the perfect cup of coffee from your beans.- Balinese style.
Use finely ground beans. Place 1/2 teaspoon (2gm) coffee in a cup, pour over boiling water, stir and allow to settle
before drinking.
Store coffee in an airtight container in the fridge.

LOOK how our ITALIAN outlet CAFFE DEL DOGE make coffee
Bali Orchid Garden email: info@baliorchidgarden.biz. www.baliorchidgardens.com Telp: +62 361466010 Fax: +62 361 466011



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