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Trigger Coffee Worker Performance

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A new survey shows nurses and doctors - compared with other professions - is highly dependent on coffee drinks to do their best on the job.

But health professionals are not alone. The researchers found 43% of coffee drinkers said they were less productive if they do not drink coffee at work. And about a third of workers say they need coffee just to get through the work day.

"Workers today are working longer hours and carry a heavier workload," said Richard Castellini, chief marketing officer at CareerBuilder, which commissioned the survey, along with Dunkin 'Donuts, in a news release. "This survey shows have extra energy boost in the morning and throughout the day to help the level of productivity."

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National survey, conducted by Harris Interactive, including more than 3,600 workers and assess the profession with the highest proportion of workers who say they are less productive without coffee.
Most Professional Depending on Coffee.

The results showed that the profession's most dependent on coffee are:
1. Nurse
2. Doctor
3. Hotel workers
4. Designer / architect
5. Financial Services / Insurance sales representative
6. Food Makers
7. Engineers
8. Teacher
9. Marketing / PR professional
10. Scientists
11. Machine Operator
12. Government Workers

The researchers found workers in the Northeast are the most dependent on coffee, with 48% saying they are less productive without it than with a low 34% of workers in the Midwest who said the same thing.

Other findings from this survey include:
Younger workers more dependent on coffee. Forty percent of those aged 18 to 24 said they could not concentrate and with no coffee and 43% aged 18 to 34 say they have a lower energy if they do not get the daily jolt of java.

One cup of coffee is not enough. Thirty-seven percent of workers said they drank two or more cups of coffee during their normal working day.

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